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Verb Questions and Answers SSC for Bank Exams

Exercise 2:

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of verb:


#1. Narendra____ in the office for two days.

#2. Juhi____ for job ever since she completed her graduation the last year.

#3. Last year both Purnima and Dipti____ for the interview, but none of them got selected.

#4. Seema ____ her boss’s reply yesterday.

#5. Shilpa couldn’t decide what she ____ do in such situation.

#6. We ____ to Ludhiyana the next month.

#7. Neelam____ from fever since Tuesday.

#8. My heart started to pound as soon as the teacher came ____ the result in the assembly hall.

#9. I ____ to the client for an hour until my boss came.

#10. Once I got an opportunity ____ his batting. Believe me it was incredible.

#11. I could hear the ____ of the glasses, when the grandpa put the glass on the table with his trembling hands.

#12. I want ____ this story to her, before she ____ comes to any conclusion in this matter.

#13. The ____ buttons on her coat riveted many stares in the party.

#14. The ____ parrot was fed by its owner.

#15. I ____ earn sufficient money to repay my debts.

#16. You do ____ be attentive in the class, otherwise you ____ many important concepts.

#17. We ____ pay our income tax on time.

#18. Your bike ____ repaired for your trip.

#19. I felt she ____ need my help in this situation.

#20. ____ you bring a glass of cold lemonade for me?


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