Verbs Exercises

Online Exercise for Adverb with Answers

Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs and make them meaningful statements:


#1. My sister lives in Delhi. I meet her _____.

#2. The artist sketched _____the pictures.

#3. Bulbul is searching her crayons _____ .

#4. _____did you live in Bangalore at that time?

#5. Sunita was _____impressed with my English writing skills.

#6. This cotton shirt feels _____soft after putting on.

#7. We should organize such function at least _____in a month.

#8. I read novels _____.

#9. How can I forget you _____have always helped me during my tough times?

#10. The ball reached _____to the boundary line.

#11. The deer ran _____than the tiger.

#12. The _____ painted wall was gleaming brightly.

#13. Chitra bought that fancy dress _____ .

#14. My friends are _____ millionares.

#15. Amit drew those pictures _____ on the paper and won the first prize in the sketching competition.

#16. The manager _____ handled the chaotic situation at the bank branch.

#17. I was so thirsty _____. I emptied the entire beverage bottle _____

#18. Shilpa was so annoyed with him _____she _____talked to him.

#19. He met Sushma _____ a long time and _____Couldn’t recognize her.

#20. The company has reserve _____ to spend on this project.


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