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Online Verb Exercise for SSC Banking

Exercise 1:

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of verb.


#1. You ____ your dress very well.

#2. Latika ____ a pair of sandals for her daughter.

#3. Although the grandfather ____ leave, but the hospital authority doesn’t permit him to do so.

#4. The road ____ deserted that day.

#5. The school management decided to ____ him as the clerk of the school.

#6. She ____ her meals as soon as I reached home.

#7. The college ____ him as the Economics Faculty.

#8. Raju and Manju ____ the snowfall.

#9. Hema ____ a visit to Kashi.

#10. Bunty ____ at the edge of his seat by watching the thriller movie.

#11. I ____ the project by this time tomorrow.

#12. It ____ raining cats and dogs at this time last Sunday.

#13. The children ____ a noise in the playschool.

#14. The blogger ____ the article day before yesterday.

#15. Ramya ____ an apple every morning.

#16. Shashi ____ a glass of milk in the morning today.

#17. Mamta saw Suresh ____ the novel.

#18. ____ by papa, Bunty started to recite the poem loudly.

#19. ____ is my papa’s favorite hobby.

#20. I wish I ____ write a novel, which would turn out to be a best-seller.


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