Preposition Exercise

Miscellaneous Questions for SSC Banking

A preposition is a word that normally comes before a noun, a pronoun or else a gerund. The word which comes after the preposition is known as the object of the preposition. It actually expresses the relationship between its object and one more word or idea in the sentence. The following exercises will help you to understand about the concepts of preposition more clearly.

Exercise 1: Miscellaneous Exercises for SSC, Banking Competitive Examinations

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions:


#1. I normally draw pictures ____ a sharp pencil.

#2. Vikash plays cricket only ____ pleasure at this age.

#3. The dog was barking ____ the stranger.

#4. You should think properly ____ you speak to people.

#5. The paddy fields are ____ the road.

#6. The little boy was hiding ____ the curtain and when mamma went there, he quickly shouted to frighten her.

#7. I could hear rustle ____ papers ____ night.

#8. The loudspeaker made the announcement that the train will arrive ____ 10 pm

#9. We kept our feet ____ the water for relaxation.

#10. There are several mangoes ____ the tree.

#11. Alka sat ____ to me in the theatre.

#12. Just rush as the doctor is ____ the clinic now.

#13. Mamma divided noodles ____ Ritika, Babli and me.

#14. By holding sandals in her left hand, Sheetal walked ____ the river

#15. The green reptile stuck ____ the pink wall.

#16. Rekha sat ____ to me in the garden and played Ludo with me.

#17. The water pancake stall was visible ____ the mall.

#18. The local shop is famous ____ sweet and sour toffees.

#19. The running train finally halted ____ the station.

#20. Sanjana wore the diamond ring ____ her ring finger.


Exercise 2: Exam Prep: SSC, Banking Exercises

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions:


#1. The hospital is situated ____ my shop.

#2. I was tired from the whole day’s activity. Hence, I leant ____ the sofa and took rest for some time.

#3. The cops put the thieves____ the bars.

#4. Rama has been studying ____ 10 am.

#5. Don’t worry. I will have achieved the task ____ next Saturday.

#6. In a blink ____ eye, ants thronged the sugar scattered ____ the floor.

#7. Aakash lives ____ Ashok Nagar ____ Delhi.

#8. Kavya has been combing and styling her curls by seeing her image ____ the mirror ____ one hour.

#9. Due to heat waves, most ____ the children didn’t turn up ____ the playschool.

#10. The money was jumping ____ one tree ____ another in the park.

#11. I have bought this laptop ____ fifty thousand rupees.

#12. A group of birds was ____ the terrace and many of them were busy ____ pecking strands of grains.

#13. I am supposed to give presentation ____ this subject and I do not know anything ____ it.

#14. The rising sun is visible ____ the mountain range.

#15. The sound ____ flowing waterfall is magnifying the charm ____ this place.

#16. ____ Julie, there are four nurses in the clinic.

#17. There is a row of shops ____ this road.

#18. The Aeroplane flew ____ the tall tower.

#19. The confectioner cooked all dishes ____ noodles.

#20. We sat ____ a tree and took rest for some time.


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