Preposition Exercises for Standard 9
Preposition Exercise

Improve Your Grammar with Preposition Exercises for Standard 9

Exercise 1:

Fill in the following blanks with suitable pronouns:


#1. There is a tuition center _____ our house, where children study in. the morning.

#2. The movie will begin _____. one hour and I shall have to be there by 5 pm.

#3. Everybody has charged allegations _____ him for the failure of the project. But, this is not at all true to say that he is only responsible for (from/for/off) this letdown.

#4. Idly is made _____ rice, lentil and salt and does not require any filling in it.

#5. I reached the picnic spot _____ time, but there was nobody to greet me there.

#6. It is believed the Lord Shiva sits _____ Mount Kailash and showers his blessings for. our welfare from there

#7. Preeti finally agreed _____ Rohit’s wedding proposal, but firmly said that she would not leave her home town after marriage.

#8. Many monkeys have flocked _____ the terrace and Seema become terrified by their presence.

#9. The entire batch was divided _____ two groups and each one had to speak either in. support or against the use of mobile phones in our lives.

#10. All vehicles are supposed to stop _____. the toll gate, however two wheelers have been exempted from this compulsion.

Exercise 2:

Fill in the following blanks with right pronouns:

  1. She was cheating _____ the very nose of the invigilator. (in/under/above)
  2. The maid has swept the room very well. It is free _____ all dirt now. (from/of/off)
  3. Peter runs _____ (on/in/at) the road and stumbles _____ a stone. (down/over/at)
  4. The Power supply was cut _____ (off/of/from) in the colony for a long time and hence, the generator also became down. Suddenly, when electricity became available Sandhya’s eyes squinted _____ (in/on/at) the bright light.
  5. The sweets were distributed _____ (between/among) the children at the party, where many more were coming … (in/on)
  6. _____ (by/to) exhibiting his intelligence, he was able to crack the complex puzzle ……. (within/in/at) ten minutes.
  7. Billu has a habit _____ (in/with/of) collecting antique coins and this practice has led him _____ (to/across/on) win prize money from the museum.
  8. Seeta and Geeta are twin sisters and an almost replica _____ (to/of/in) each other. Many acquaintances sometimes find it difficult _____ (to/of/in) identify each one of them.
  9. The man was trying to give some cash to Sharmila _____ (above/under/on) the table. But she did not compromise _____ (on/in/at) her principles.
  10. Although there was a lot _____ (in/of/from) work in the village. But, Sumit returned from there _____ (after/before/in) a month.
Answer 2:
  1. Under
  2. Of [Note: free from is used to specify protection from something problematic, as well as free of (which doesn’t link neatly to freedom of) is used to specify the absence of something]
  3. On, over
  4. Off, in
  5. Among, in
  6. By, within
  7. Of, to
  8. Of, to
  9. Under, on
  10. Of, after

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