Online Adverb Exercise: Test Your Skills in Using Adverbs Correctly

Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs and make them meaningful statements:


#1. By looking at Nishant, Leela became startled. She asked him, ‘Have we met ______?’

#2. The car met an accident as the driver was driving it ______.

#3. Neelima ______ finished her news reading in the class and heaved a sigh of relief.

#4. Ashish was sleeping and his phone kept ringing ______ .

#5. Mamma tucked the fruits ______ inside the freeze.

#6. The little boy is ______ shy to speak on the podium.

#7. ______ have you put on the jacket in this hot day?

#8. The laborious boy practiced his English-speaking skills ______

#9. Sumit has a bad habit of keeping his hand ______ the running bus.

#10. Rama took ______ his coat and occupied the chair.

#11. Shashi searched for his lost phone ______ in the room, but couldn’t find it.

#12. The diver team went ______ the sea to save the drowning girl.

#13. The athlete was running ______ the field.

#14. Sapna turned ______ and smiled at Ravi.

#15. The teacher was ______ pleased with the student’s academic performance.

#16. The management team ______ decided to appoint him.

#17. ______ is the matter? ______ are you not in speaking terms with me?

#18. ______ of the candidates is fit for the job?

#19. The fat grandpa was snoring ______ in the room.

#20. ______ he has misjudged your abilities.


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