Online Adjective Exercises for SSC/Banking
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Online Adjective Exercises for SSC/Banking

Fill in the blanks with the suitable adjectives given in the options below:


#1. Satish’s quarter is placed in ______ locality. Hence, he has arrived to the peaceful library for his exam preparation.

#2. You should include ______ fruits and vegetables in your diet for quick healing.

#3. Many students fell asleep during the class because they found the lecture ______ .

#4. Sheetal was groping for her smart phone as soon as the room turned out to be ______ when power supply went off.

#5. The comedy web series is very ______ and we couldn’t resist the temptation to laugh.

#6. Though Sushma is ______ but she couldn’t get a seat in any medical college.

#7. This is the ______ building of the city and hence, I feel frightened to look down from its uppermost terrace.

#8. Rati is very ______ to help people in their needs.

#9. This flask is ______ than that one and that is why it is handy for me.

#10. Do you know ______ store which sells fountain pens?

#11. You have a headache as you stare at the laptop continuously. Let’s go outside and have some ______ air.

#12. Captain Batra died a ______ death.

#13. Her dark ______ shirt juxtaposed against her whitish complexion and that adorned her appearance more pleasant.

#14. The dog licked off every drop of ______ sugarcane juice from the litter glass of the dustbin.

#15. The maid has not arrived to our house for ______ days and hence, we have decided to enquire about her whereabouts.

#16. The ______ prize was won by a handicapped athlete and this news literally filled me with the spirit of inspiration.

#17. Rashmi took out her specs from her nose and wiped it with a ______ cotton fabric.

#18. The baby was making ______ foam balls through its ______ toy machine.

#19. Thank God! Our car got escaped from sustaining ______ damage during the accident.

#20. The sky was overcast with ______ clouds and hence, we dropped the idea of visiting to the theatre that day.


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