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Online Miscellaneous Exercises of Adjective for SSC/Banking Examinations

SSC Exercise 1:

Fill in the blanks with the suitable adjectives given in the options below:


#1. What is the ______ news now?

#2. Painters are great ______?

#3. There is ______ soft drink left in the bottle.

#4. She has ______ bank balance to meet her medical expenses.

#5. The ______ hospital is 5 KMs from here.

#6. The ______ episodes of the serial are interesting.

#7. What a ______ bike it is!

#8. The wrestler has ______ biceps.

#9. The hotel is located ______ the mall.

#10. Let me tell you a/an ______ story today.

#11. The black patterns contrasted against the ______ background.

#12. There arose a ______ storm in the forest.

#13. Preety is very studious. It is not ______ that she can crack the test.

#14. Sanjay is going to commence his YouTube channel. He is quite ______ about this new venture.

#15. You have not to do much now. Only ______ bit of work is left in this expedition.

#16. Rohit is a reserved guy. Hence, he has ______ friends.

#17. Do you have ______ clue of her whereabouts now?

#18. I have a sweet tooth. Hence, please add ______ more sugar in the tea.

#19. The ______ girl from the left row is Kamini, who is my cousin.

#20. Uncle Sharma is sipping piping ______ tea in the cold weather today.


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