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Noun Exercises with Answers to Practice Online

A noun is a word which names person, place, idea, or object. Fundamentally, anything which names a “thing” is a noun, whether you’re speaking about Cricket, Delhi, Movie, or Lion etc. 

Following work outs will definitely help you to understand its concept in a clearer way:

Exercise 1:

Pick the correct options in the given sentences:


#1. Alisha was famous for her beauty in the town.

#2. We shivered with fear, when the lion started to roar inside the cage.

#3. The committee is not ready to spend this much amount on renovation of the school.

#4. Shashank has guts to speak the truth.

#5. There is a tradition of platinum jewelry in high society, these days.

#6. Kunal was so thirsty that he drank entire water from the glass at once.

#7. The fragrance of Cestrum flower has permeated in the room.

#8. Mr. Sharma likes to stroll in his lawn at night.

#9. His innocence has literally won her stone heart.

#10. Priya purchased two dozen eggs in her grocery.

#11. The milkman tilted his utensil and poured its milk into aunt’s container.

#12. The little children are unaware of their honesty.

#13. The Ganga is the holy river of India.

#14. Nareshshould be ashamed of telling lie.

#15. There was a huge crowd in the market.

#16. The bravery of the cop was appreciated by the team.

#17. These sweetness of ripen mangoes is quite delicious.

#18. The black patterns on yellow background of the tiger skin are looking beautiful.

#19. The sound of the tinkling bells soothes the environment of the temple.

#20. The shirt is made of cotton and hence, it soothes me when I put it on.


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