Adjective Exercises Online Standard 7
Adjectives and Adverbs

Writing Skills with Adjective Exercises Standard 7

Adjective Exercise Exercise 1:

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the adjectives given in brackets.


#1. This is the _______ shirt I have ever bought. (expensive)

#2. January is the _______ month of the year.

#3. Please postpone this matter for a _______ date.

#4. Sateesh has many _______ friends.

#5. Diamond is the _______ of all gems.

#6. After repairing, the car looked _______ .

#7. The poor man once had a _______ life.

#8. A computer has made our lives _______ .

#9. This bag is not as _______ as that suitcase.

#10. R K Bakery sells the _______ cakes in the town.

Exercise 2:

Fill in the blanks by the comparative form of the given adjectives.


#1. I have never met a _______ person than Rakesh in my whole life.

#2. Of the two friends, Shubha is _______ .

#3. All the mountains, trees, lakes seem to move back _______ from the running train.

#4. Take _______ flavoured ice-cream out of the two.

#5. Mixing crunchy grams with soft rice will make the dish _______.

#6. Amit is _______ than any other boy in the class.

#7. As the rituals went on, the devotees became _______ in religious zeal.

#8. I have become _______ over the years.

#9. I feel _______ (lively) in the fresh environment of the village.

#10. Alka has become _______ in singing over the years.


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