Miscellaneous Exercises for SSC, Banking Competitive Examinations
SSC & Bank Exams

Miscellaneous Exercises for SSC, Banking Competitive Examinations

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions:


#1. I normally draw pictures _____ a sharp pencil.

#2. Vikash plays cricket only _____ pleasure at this age.

#3. The dog was barking _____ the stranger.

#4. You should think properly _____ you speak to people.

#5. The paddy fields are _____ the road.

#6. The little boy was hiding _____ the curtain and when mamma went there, he quickly shouted to frighten her.

#7. I could hear rustle _____ papers _____ night.

#8. The loudspeaker made the announcement that the train will arrive _____ 10 pm.

#9. We kept our feet _____ the water for relaxation.

#10. There are several mangoes _____ the tree.

#11. Alka sat _____ to me in the theatre.

#12. Just rush as the doctor is _____ the clinic now.

#13. Mamma divided noodles _____ Ritika, Babli and me.

#14. By holding sandals in her left hand, Sheetal walked _____ the river.

#15. The green reptile stuck _____ the pink wall.

#16. Rekha sat _____ to me in the garden and played Ludo with me.

#17. The water pancake stall was visible _____ the mall.

#18. The local shop is famous _____ sweet and sour toffees.

#19. The running train finally halted _____ the station.

#20. Sanjana wore the diamond ring _____ her ring finger.


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