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Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words Online Exercise for Class 3

Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences. This work out will make your grip firmer in the language:

  1. Movie interesting watching an is he.
  2. Story told a mummy my me to.
  3.  Uncle visiting my month is next.
  4. Rekha prize in the competition writing a won has.
  5. Home shall her visit we tomorrow.
  6. Library Mathematics borrow will I book the from.
  7. Told story me grandma my a.
  8. Cake aunty a yesterday baked.
  9. Museum looking unique in the are monuments children at the.
  10. The with Rahul playing is cat.
  11. Sipping soft drink Budul is thin pipe through the.
  12.  gardener plucked mangoes the from tree from the.
  13. All Suresh sweets ate.
  14. Licking the leftover milk cat my was.
  15. Off peeled oranges two me for mummy.
  16. Going to store Anita dress buying her for is new.
  17. Hide and seek playing are children.
  18. Journey like I story books to read in train a.
  19. Refrigerator into Pinki looking is the.
  20. East sun the in rises the.
Jumbled words with answers:
  1. He is watching an interesting movie.
  2. My mummy told to me a story.
  3.  My uncle is visiting next month.
  4. Rekha has won a prize in the writing competition.
  5. We shall visit her home tomorrow.
  6. I will borrow Mathematics book from the library.
  7.  My grandma told me a story.
  8. Aunty baked a cake yesterday.
  9. Children are looking at the unique monuments in the museum.
  10. Rahul is playing with the cat.
  11. Budul is sipping soft drink through the thin pipe.
  12. The gardener plucked mangoes from the tree.
  13. Suresh ate all sweets.
  14. My cat was licking the leftover milk.
  15. Mummy peeled off two oranges for me.
  16.  Anita is going to store for buying new dress for her.
  17. Children are playing hide and seek.
  18. I like to read story books in a train journey.
  19. Pinki is looking into the refrigerator.
  20. The sun rises in the east.

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