Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words Online Exercise for Standard 2

Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences. This work out will make your grip firmer in the language:

  1. Eats mango Ram a.
  2. In the temple priest the bell the ringing is.
  3. Jumping class in the are children.
  4. Likes to draw scenery Amit.
  5. Crunchy biscuits coconut Billu munching is.
  6. Good story a written has Salim.
  7. Chopped rotten has apple the become.
  8. Sister younger naughty my is.
  9. Cricket Sachin playing is.
  10. Nurtured my mother plant Basil in our a courtyard has.
  11. Know drive I to how car a.
  12. Standing umbrella an Pari under is.
  13. Tree chirping birds on are the.
  14. Hot sweet and is milk.
  15. Noodles mummy me for preparing is.
  16. Light the on please switch.
  17. Well sings friends my.
  18. Brought lunch sweets in Bunty has today.
  19. Milk cat the drinking is.
  20. Was dog barking the.
Jumbled words with Answers:
  1. Ram eats a mango.
  2. The priest is ringing the bell in the temple.
  3. Children are jumping in the class.
  4. Amit likes to draw scenery.
  5. Billu is munching crunchy coconut biscuits.
  6. Salim has written a good story.
  7. The chopped apple has become rotten.
  8. My younger sister is naughty.
  9. Sachin is playing cricket.
  10. My mother has nurtured a Basil plant in our courtyard.
  11. I know how to drive a car.
  12. Pari is standing under an umbrella.
  13. Birds are chirping on the tree.
  14. Milk is hot and sweet.
  15. Mummy is preparing noodles for me.
  16. Please switch on the light.
  17. My friend sings well.
  18. Bunty has brought sweets in lunch today.
  19. The cat is drinking milk.
  20. The dog was barking.

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