Jumbled words for Class 5
Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words for Class 5 with Answers

Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences. This work out will make your grip firmer in the language:

  1. At English/Rohit/good/is.
  2. Ten/are/in our/apartments/there/colony.
  3. Magician/the/uncle/was riveting/in the/attention/party.
  4. Rickshaw puller/at ease/drinking a/cold water/glass/comes/the/after.
  5. Us/Mamma/the table/laid/for.
  6. Languages/are spoken/many/in India.
  7. Shedding sweat/has been/for one hour/Mr. Sharma/in the gym.
  8. Preeti/riffling through/of the book/is just/pages.
  9. Have started/the local women/the handicraft/their betterment/for.
  10. In the milk/silently/the milkman/mixed water.
  11. Very delighted/Anuradha is/as/today/won/she has/in the singing competition/the first prize.
  12. Blushed to/her weight/the slim girl/see/in the weighing machine.
  13. Pant heavily/began to/by ascending five floors/through the stairs/we.
  14. Rolled down/tears of happiness/the/his chicks/on the news of his job offer.
  15. Snatched bananas/the monkey/from us/and ate/them quickly.
  16. Shout/we started to/kicked a goal/when Chintu/in the match.
  17. Pince/idol of the Lord Shiva/stooped down/before the.
  18. Literally calmed/from the incessant/voice of/tinkling bells/we were/in the temple.
  19. Jumped and took/the hare/from the apple/a bite.
  20. All children/from the Principal Madam’s/were motivated/inspiring lecture/in the assembly hall.

Jumbled Words with Answer:

  1. Rohit is good at English.
  2. There are ten apartments in our colony.
  3. The magician uncle was riveting attention in the party.
  4. The rickshaw puller comes at ease after drinking a glass of cold water.
  5. Mamma laid the table for us.
  6. Many languages are spoken in India.
  7. Mr. Sharma has been shedding sweat in the gym for one hour.
  8. Preeti is just riffling through the pages of the book.
  9. The local women have started the handicraft for their betterment.
  10. The milkman silently mixed water in the milk.
  11. Anuradha is very delighted as she has won the first prize in the singing competition.
  12. The slim girl blushed to see her weight in the weighing machine.
  13. We began to pant heavily by ascending five floors through the stairs.
  14. The tears of happiness rolled down his chicks on the news of his job offer.
  15. The monkey snatched bananas from us and ate them quickly.
  16.  We started to shout when Chintu kicked a goal in the match.
  17. Prine stooped down before the idol of the Lord Shiva.
  18. We were literally calmed from the incessant voice of tinkling bells in the temple.
  19.  The hare jumped and took a bite from the apple.
  20.  All children were motivated from the inspiring lecture of the Principal Madam in the assembly hall.

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