Jumbled Words 4
Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words Online Exercise for Class 4

Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences. This work out will make your grip firmer in the language:

  1. Forgot wash I car the to.
  2. Neelima roof someone saw on the.
  3. Cat with enjoy I playing my.
  4. Ravana demon Rama the killed Lord.
  5. Reading the class book was Kabir in loudly.
  6.  Rani Kusum playing Ludo are and.
  7.  Table labor the fan brought the stairs up.
  8.  Put bucket aunty the running tap under te.
  9.  Participate drawing all will children competition the in.
  10. Sipping grandfather tea is hot.   
  11. Circle children all running were a in.
  12. Jewels with bride different was laden the.
  13. Mouse pounced cat the over the.
  14. Birds the away sound of bullet the flew all at the.
  15. Sound of the slowly receded bike away.
  16.  Colored kites covered sky the multi.
  17. Drank water cold the day hot more we more and.
  18. Writing story Shivam is interesting an.
  19. Mangoes like I much ripen very.
  20. Clothes aunty Kumud washing is.

Jumbled Words Answer:

  1. I forgot to wash the car.
  2. Neelima saw someone on the roof.
  3. I enjoy playing with my cat.
  4. Lord Rama killed the demon Ravana.
  5. Kabir was reading the book loudly in the class.
  6. Rani and Kusum are playing Ludo.
  7. The labor brought the table fan up stairs.
  8. Aunty put the bucket under the running tap.
  9. All children will participate in the drawing competition.
  10.  Grandfather is sipping hot tea.
  11. All children were running in a circle.
  12.  The bride was laden with different jewels.
  13.  The cat pounced over the mouse.
  14.  All birds flew away at the sound of the bullet.
  15.  The sound of the bike receded away slowly.
  16.  Multi colored kites covered the sky.
  17.  We drank more and more water in the hot day.
  18.  Shivam is writing an interesting story.
  19.  I like ripen mangoes very much.
  20.  Kumud aunty is washing clothes.

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