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Tenses Formula

Tense is the form taken by the verb to specify time (also continuation or completion) of action.  Basically, there are three broad categories of tense:

  1. Present – that which is
  2. Past – that which was
  3. Future – that which will be

Since, there is a sense of continuation or completion hence, above categories can be divided in four sub-categories each:

  1. Simple – the action is mentioned merely. Nothing is told about/whether the action is complete.
  2. Continuous – the action is incomplete or continuous or else going on.
  3. Perfect – the action is completed or perfect with respect to a certain point of time.
  4. Perfect Continuous – the action is going on or relentlessly over a long period of time and yet to be completed.

Uniting the categories with the sub-categories, there are twelve categories.

  SimpleContinuousPerfectPerfect Continuous
PresentActive PassiveHe loves He is lovedHe is loving He is being lovedHe has loved He has been lovedHe has been loving …….
PastActive PassiveHe loved He was lovedHe was loving He was being lovedHe had loved He had been lovedI had been loving   ……….
FutureActive PassiveHe will love He will be lovedHe will be loving ………He will have loved He will have been lovedHe will have been loving ……….
  SimpleContinuousPerfectPerfect Continuous
PresentActive PassiveHe + V1 He + is + V3He + is + V1+ing He + is + being + V3He + has + V3 He + has been + V3He + has been + V3 + ing …….
PastActive PassiveHe + V2 He + was + V3He + was + V1 + ing He + was being +  V3He + had + V3 He + had been + V3He + had been + V1 + ing   ……….
FutureActive PassiveHe + will + V1 He + will be + V3He + will be + V1 + ing ………He + will have + V3 He + will have been + V3He + will have been + V1 + ing ……….

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