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Imperative Sentence Example (आज्ञासूचक वाक्य)

In reporting commands as well as requests, the Indirect Speech is introduced by some verb articulating command or request, and the Imperative mood is transformed into the Infinitive.

  1. “Don’t make a noise in the class” said the teacher to the students.

The teacher advised the students not to make a noise in the class.

  • “Be careful while speaking” He said to her.

He ordered her to be careful while speaking.

A. Regulations for Exclamatory Sentences

Sentence which articulates strong feeling of joy or sorrow or wonder is known as exclamatory sentence.

For example:
• Alas! he failed the test.
• Hurrah! We won the match.
• Wow! What a nice pen it is.
In reporting exclamations as well as wishes the Indirect Speech is presented by some verb stating exclamation or wish.

Direct: He said, “Alas ! I failed in the test.”

Indirect: He exclaimed sadly that he had failed in the test.

Direct: She said, “Bravo ! You have done well.”

Indirect: She applauded him, saying that he had done well.

B. Regulations for Interrogative

There are two main types of interrogative sentences: -the ones, which begin with an auxiliary verb and the others which begin with a question word. For example, what, when, where, why, how, etc.

Interrogative sentences starting with an auxiliary verb are transformed into the indirect speech thru using the connective if or else whether.

The reporting verb said (or any other word employed as the reporting verb) changes to asked, questioned, queried, inquired of or demanded of in the indirect speech. Note that of is employed after inquired and demanded merely while the reporting verb has an object.

Note that the indirect narration is continuously in the assertive form. This means that, the interrogative sentences in the direct speech will convert into assertive sentences in the indirect speech.

Direct: Preeti said to me, “Are you coming with us?”
Indirect: Preeti asked me if I was going with them.
Direct: Rati said to me, “Are you unwell?”
Indirect: Rati asked me if I was unwell.
Direct: Sanjay said to Ruby, “Am I to wait for you till eternity?”
Indirect: Sanjay inquired of her if he was to wait for him till eternity.

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