miscellaneous exercise class 1
Miscellaneous Exercises

Miscellaneous Grammar Exercises Chapter 1

Miscellaneous Exercise 1:

  1. Same size/and the/the Sun/Moon/not of/are.
  2. Appear to be of/the same size/they/however/from the Earth.
  3. Shattered into/was made/when/the Earth/a rock/the Moon.
  4. The Earth/travelling away/from/the Moon is.
  5. Makes the/the Moon/along with/Earth/tides/move.
  6. On the Moon/water/is/there.
  7. As well/quakes/has/the Moon.
  8. Gunpowder/smells/the Moon/similar to/dust.
  9. Same side/the Moon/always/you can/of/see the.
  10. Normally/looks/it/much larger.

Miscellaneous Answer:

  1. The Sun and the Moon are not of the same size.
  2. However, they appear to be of the same size from the Earth.
  3. The Moon was made when a rock shattered into the Earth.
  4. The Moon is travelling away from the Earth.
  5. The Moon makes the Earth along with tides move.
  6. There is water on the Moon.
  7. The Moon has quakes as well.
  8. The Moon dust smells similar to gunpowder.
  9. You can always see the same side of the Moon.
  10. It normally looks much larger.

Miscellaneous Exercise II

  1. In a project/Pratibha and Preeti/together/have been working/for two years.
  2. A good understanding/with each other/share/both of them.
  3. Appears to take birth/however/recommends Preeti’s name/when the team leader, Sajal/for promotion/an apple of discard.
  4. Than that of Preeti/her contribution/in the success of the project/Pratibha believes that/is more.
  5. Sajal precedes/despite this/her colleague.
  6. As a result/a grudge/against her/she develops/boss as well as teammate.
  7. Backbite them/she begins to/particularly Preeti.
  8. Makes irrational rumors/she stoops down/up to this level/in her expedition/that/she/about their affair in the office.
  9. This cock and bull story/under the influence of/now,/this/falls into the ears of Preeti’s parents/this much is/that.
  10. Either to/get transfer from the present location/her parents firmly instructs her/resign the job/or.
  11. She finally/to urge them/Preeti’s all attempts went futile/but with lower remuneration/and/switches to other company,.
  12. Pratibha realizes/after her departure,/she has done/what mistake.
  13. Preeti’s bright career/her jealousy results/as well as her friendship with her/in the loss of.
  14. That is why/Since, Preeti has left/the promotion/she gets.
  15. She gets/although,/what she ever wanted.
  16. is not permissible to be/yet, the sense of guilt/with that professional growth/contended/in a corner of her heart.
  17. Financial gains in future/the path of morality,/to stick to/she takes an oath/even to the detriment of.

Miscellaneous Answer II:

  1. Pratibha and Preeti have been working together in a project for two years.
  2. Both of them share a good understanding with each other.
  3. However, an apple of discard appears to take birth when the team leader, Sajal recommends Preeti’s name for promotion.
  4. Pratibha believes that her contribution is more than that of Preeti in the success of the project.    
  5. Despite this, Sajal precedes her colleague.
  6. As a result, she develops a grudge against her boss as well as teammate.
  7. She begins to backbite them, particularly Preeti.
  8. She stoops down in her expedition up to this level that she makes irrational rumors about their affair in the office.
  9. Now, this much is under the influence of the grapevine that this cock and bull story falls into the ears of Preeti’s parents.
  10. Her parents firmly instruct her to either to resign the job or get transfer from the present location.
  11. Preeti’s all attempts went futile to urge them and she finally switches to another company, but with lower remuneration.
  12. After her departure, Pratibha realizes what mistake she has done.
  13. Her jealousy results in the loss of Preeti’s bright career as well as her friendship with her.
  14. Since, Preeti has left that is why she gets the promotion.
  15. Although, she gets what she ever wanted.
  16. Yet, the sense of guilt in a corner of her heart is not permissible to be contended with that professional growth.
  17. She takes an oath to stick to the path of morality, even to the detriment of financial gains in future.

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