Conjunction Online Exercise

Conjunction Online Exercise for Class 4

Conjunction Exercise 1:

Complete the following sentences utilizing and, or, but, because and so. Make the sentence meaningful by doing this:

  1. I did not want to miss the class …….. I started early.
  2. Priyanka has worked very hard …….. she wants to stand top in the class this year.
  3. You can take the blue pen …… black pen.
  4. I am tall …… my sister is short.
  5. We can go home by bus ….. by taxi.
  6. Parvati has accumulated a good bank balance ……. she spends money carefully.
  7. Papa does not want any trouble during the journey …… he is getting his car repaired properly in the service center.
  8.  Kiran has won the quiz contest …….. she has prepared well before.
  9. Pintu wishes to have a sports cycle …….. he has not money to buy it.
  10. Preeti wants to purchase purple kurti ……. red kurti. But she does not have enough money to do so.
  1. So
  2. Because
  3. Or
  4. But
  5. Or
  6. Because
  7. So
  8. Because
  9. But
  10. and

Conjunction Exercise 2:

Fill in the blanks by conjunctions and, but, so and because. Make the sentence meaningful by doing this:

  1. The grandpa is not able to hear properly …… you will have to speak loudly.
  2. Bipul has sore throat …… fever.
  3. Kanchan has been dolling up for the last three hours …… she is going to the party tonight. [ In case a woman dolls herself up, she attempts to make herself more attractive by putting on makeup as well as special clothes:]
  4. The medicines were expensive …… the shopkeeper gave me discount.
  5. Boltu could not go to the school today …… he has flu.
  6. Vinod is happy …… he has won the first prize in the puzzle solving contest.
  7. Ashok is happy …… excited because his name has been shortlisted for the inter-school football match.
  8. Lalit needs money to start his business …… he has applied for loan in the bank.
  9. Kunal likes to watch sports …… news on the TV.
  10. Dilip has to fill the admission form …… he pays its entry fee through credit card.
Conjunction Exercise Answers:
  1. So
  2. And
  3. Because
  4. But
  5. Because
  6. Because
  7. And
  8. So
  9. And
  10. so

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