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Simple Past Tense Exercises

Past Simple:

To denote an action finished in the past


  • I read that novel last year.
  • The blogger posted the article day before yesterday.

For past habits,


  • I visited Shimla every year.
  • He ate many sweets every morning.

Past Continuous:

To indicate an action going on at some time in the past


  • Vikash was riding on his bike at that time.
  • The children were making a noise in the hall.

Past Perfect:

To illustrate an action completed before a particular moment in the past or before another action took place.


  • I had not slept much in the running bus.
  • I went to the railway station, but the train had already left the station.

Past Perfect Continuous:

To express an action which started before a particular point of time in the past and continued up to that time.


  • The wind had been blowing quickly for more than one hour before I shut all windows of my home.
  • It had been raining cats and dogs for two hours at this time last Monday.

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